Evolution Of Ernie Els Champion Pet Products

Not too long ago, three friends, Sheldon Golub, Bill Deutsch and Champion golfer, Ernie Els participated in Ernie’s charity golf event to raise funds for the Els for Autism Foundation. These generous philanthropists, successful businessmen, and leaders in their respective fields put their heads together and founded a company with two goals in mind: create all-natural pet treats that’s second to none, and to raise awareness and funds for the Els for Autism Foundation - - a game-changing organization delivering and facilitating programs to benefit people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

What makes us different?

We focus on providing the best quality ingredients in our treats, sturdy and safe materials in our toys and accessories while keeping prices low for our retail partners and customers. And most importantly, we focus on growing our support and bringing awareness to autism. In addition, we have partnered with Pet Vet Hotline by offering a free trial for virtual pet care with each product sold. When converted to a monthly or annual subscription, the profits go to the Els for Autism Foundation.

Our brand is built on Honesty, Integrity, Affordability, Sustainability and Love. Love for our products. Love for our pets. Love for our Foundation. Because that’s what Champions are made of.

Launched in 2019

The first pallets of human grade, shelf stable, 100% All-Natural Champion Pet Treats were shipped to retailers across the United States. The company was officially open for business.

In early 2020, Covid-19 put a screeching halt to production and sadly took Mr. Golub’s life too. Shelly’s son-in-law, Mark Segal and Ernie’s business manager, Rob Goulet joined the executive team and took a “deep dive” into their business. The first major move was to grow the product line and change its name from Ernie Els Champion Pet Treats to Ernie Els Champion Pet Products; the design team went to work to develop toys, beds, leashes, bandanas, as well as additional dog and cat treats, including chicken jerky, bully sticks and cat food toppers. By increasing the amount of SKUs the company believed it will be able to raise more money for Els for Autism Foundation and ultimately be a champion for all who are affected by autism.
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